Friday, December 26, 2008

Leftovers...and What To Do with That Gift Card

Like others, we decided to make it a low-key, home-made holiday. Family and friends for a small but delicious dinner, dessert consisting of a platter filled with cookies, brownies, and fudge. The sofa got a good workout as people relaxed and snoozed in the late afternoon. Still time to enjoy the full feeling, too soon to start thinking about the 2009 resolutions to cut back and eat healthier. Today - leftovers! I think a hot turkey sandwich the day after is as good as the original bird.

But what about the other leftovers? Those gifts that aren't quite right - including gift cards. Despite the warnings about companies going out of business, there are still plenty of gift cards being given and received. A teenager would love a Forever 21 card, but would her grandmother? Probably not. Or a man who yearns for the latest techno-gadget might not be completely thrilled with a gift card from Dick's Sporting Goods. What to do?

charge cardsGift Card Rescue! You can sell your card for cash or trade it for one you like better. Of course you don't get the full amount in exchange, but you do get a card you will actually use. Plus, if you want to buy a gift card, you can get one at a discounted price. Seems like a nice resource to know about for client and family gifts both. Many charities also accept gift cards, so you could think about trading the Starbucks card for a Target card, and donating that to a local domestic violence shelter or animal rescue center. I can make my own recipe Frappuccino and make a difference at the same time. That sounds like a good start for the new year, doesn't it?


Mary said...


Something isn't quite right here.

I don't know what's happening.

There are three posts on the PegBoard in December, all of which appeared within 8 days!

What's going on???


Is anything wrong?


I just love cold turkey sandwiches with mayo, lettuce, salt & pepper.


Peg Silloway said...

Mary, you noticed! Not to worry, it's just a combination of (1) business slowing down for the holidays, and (2) me seeing/reading something that seemed blog worthy. I doubt I'll be able to keep up this mad pace. But I do appreciate your concern. ;-)

Did you every try Durkee's Dressing on turkey sandwiches? Delish! But hard to find anymore.

Mary said...

Same here. I'm on a break from work so I'm able to read blogs. Won't be able to keep up the pace, either!

No, I haven't tried Durkee's dressing but I've heard of it.

Enjoy your slow pace while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

Durkee's is required on turkey sandwiches--with cranberry sauce too. Thanks for the tip on the gift card rescue site too.