Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Day After

When I was growing up, the excitement that built up before Christmas was an important part of the holiday fun. My brother and I spent hours imagining all the wonderful things Santa would bring us, and when my little sister came along, we played our parts in that happy fantasy. I helped bake cookies galore and my brother did his part to keep the tins from overflowing. Day by day the anticipation built until we were just about jumping out of our skins.

Then it was here!

And then it was over.

The day after Christmas was quiet and slow and gray, even if the sun was shining. There were still presents to enjoy and cookies to eat, but the anticipation was all used up, and we were down.

Over the past few days I've been there – anticipation used up, delight in the just-opened packages still as great as ever, but somehow just a little down. With Christmas still a week away, how could that be?

Ah, yes – it's the books! Last Friday we finally received the shipment of Margaret Rome's book – my company's first published title. Every time I see that cover I get a thrill. Sure, there is still much to do with sending copies to the Library of Congress and the Copyright Office, a contest to enter, and orders to fill. But all those hours of working to get it right, and then the weeks of worrying that it would actually be what we envisioned when it came from the printer – all that's done now. And yes, The Silloway Press has three more books for other people to get published in the next few months, but Real Estate the Rome Way is my first. You never forget the details, the emotional attachment of your first, do you?

As my friend Margaret says, "WIN?" What's important now? Time to do what always worked for the 10-year-old me on the day after Christmas: play with my favorite toy (a new 22" flat screen monitor – yay!), have a cookie, and start again.

Here's to a season and new year of great beginnings, happy anticipation, and successful conclusions for everyone.


Mary said...

Dear Peg,

Yes, the big day comes and goes so quickly and it's always a letdown on Christmas night, even if there are presents to fondle. The anticipation truly is the highlight of the season... We experienced it first as children.

Now, on the standing ovation. Did you hold that book and feel it and smell it? CONGRATULATIONS and bigs hugs to you! CHEERS!

I've been encouraged to write a laugh/cry filled back yard birding coffee table book full of photos. I'll call on you... :o)

Merry Christmas, Peg and I wish you a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous New Year!


Peg Silloway said...

Thanks for the good wishes and hugs, Mary. It's been a fun and engrossing experience and yes, I've very proud!

I hope you do write that book because you have a wonderful writing voice and fantastic artist's eye for photography. I love to talk about publishing, so don't hold back on questions.

A very Merry Christmas to you, too, and all the best for a happy and healthy New Year for you and your family (including the Licker Sisters, of course!)

K said...

CONGRATULATIONS! First of many successful tomes, I am sure.