Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rockin' Robin

Birds flutter nearby for my viewing pleasure most of the day - I plan it that way. My desk sits right in front of a window that is at ground level and below our mini-deck. A bird feeder hangs out from the deck rail above and draws feathered visitors to entertain our indoor cats. When I fill the feeder I make sure that a fair amount of seed falls to the ground below, thereby assuring me of an equal amount of entertainment from the area doves, cardinals, and squirrels. Nope, no exotic types here...and the hummingbirds are still a good month away.

But we have robins again. Boy, do we have robins! And now I think we will have more robins.

A little while ago I noticed unusual fluttering under the deck. Long strings of what looked liked dried grass dangled from the cross beam, waving in the wet breeze of a rainy morning. Another flutter and the architect arrived with more of the same. I'm going to call it "she" because I can't tell the difference (yet.) She added the new materials to the small collection already there. Three or four times she pulled up the dangling ends and poked them toward the center of her creation. Then she did a little dance, wings about half unfurled, and side-stepping across the nest-to-be. More pulling and poking, then more dancing. Apparently satisfied she flew off, only to return a few minutes later and repeat her ritual. (No, that's not her in the photo - my shots are all too dim.)

I'm sure an ornithologist could tell me what's going on in proper scientific terms. But I just like to think of her as our Rockin' Robin.


Mary said...

Awww. You're lucky to watch. I hope you see the little fledglings :o)

You are fooling me, Peg! Post twice in a week? And I just noticed I screwed up somehow and deleted you from my blogroll!!! Gotta fix that!

I wanted to include you in an e-mail I sent last night but I didn't have your e-mail address. So this is to you, too:

To all of my oldest, dearest blogging friends and faithful readers,

Everything is OK!

This has been happening a lot lately… I sit here at the computer in the evenings, with my head in my hands, look up to the ceiling and say out loud, “I just can’t do this anymore.” I made a decision to free myself from the keyboard for a while.

The length of my blogroll is ridiculously long. I have 5.5 hours in the evenings before bedtime which may seem like a long stretch of time (especially at the office), but it isn’t long at all, considering I post every other night. My “labor of love” posts account for two of those hours plus blog reading time – another hour or two??? Crazy? Yes.

Silly but true scenario: Home for 30 minutes, while poop patrolling the yard I think about my post for the night, “Oh, I need to choose and save some photos!” Rush inside. Later, cooking dinner, “Oh, I need to upload the photos to Flickr!” Rush to the computer. After dinner and sorting laundry, “Oh, gosh, I NEED TO WRITE SOMETHING!” LOL! Six months ago on the job, I had opportunities to start writing a post at work and kept my Word doc minimized throughout the day which saved a lot of time. But the job has become a bear and it’s not an option anymore. I can’t even sneak blog reading!

So, friends. Right now I need to relax and leave the computer turned off in the evenings. The days are longer, spring is in the air, and I want to meander around the yard and house at my leisure, take the dogs for a walk, or take a walk with just me and my discman – in other words, live life away from a computer monitor. Free myself from Nature Blog Network and witness my rank spiral downwards (boo-hoo, I’m a poor, pathetic loser). I might even take a nap before dinner or watch a TV show from start to finish. Sit with Michael and watch him enjoy American Idol like I used to. Talk on the phone with friends and respond to e-mails.

Relaxing about blogging brings to my mind something Kate said to me recently, “It’s like wearing your garden crocs after wearing high heels for so long.” Bingo.

The last time I took a real break from the blog was back in July. It lasted almost two weeks. In that amount of time, maybe I’ll examine ways I can continue to post my lengthy entries full of photos and still have a life. In the meantime, I’ll be checking on all ya’ll and visiting occasionally. Because I love you.


Peg Silloway said...

Mary, you richly deserve to put up a sign that says "Gone Gardening!" Blogging has to be a pleasure. When it morphs into a chore, it's time to step back and let the keyboard cool.

Enjoy your time off, your fish, your birds, and your adorable hula-hoop-playing dogs. Your fans will be here when you return...on your own terms.