Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crocuses (Croci?) and Daffodils

Crocuses are running riot out front on a spring-fever day. Temperatures in the upper 60's, sunshine, and windows open to air out the winter-stuffy house. Yes!

Laptop with Photoshop on it is in for repair so there's no way to get the photos I took from the camera to my blog. Phooey! Remembering the sight brightens my mind. For you, some not-from-my-garden shots that capture the feeling.
No matter what Punsxatawney Phil said, my springtime is here. Robins are holding convocations in the backyard and squirrels are chasing each other up and down trees. Maybe it's wishful looking, but I swear the trees out back are starting to blush. For sure I heard a woodpecker this morning. We're going to make it.

Back in your hole Mr. P. Phil - my season is here!


Mary said...

Hi Peg! I can't believe I'm getting around to your post so late. Sorry...blogging has become way too busy. I wonder where all the new readers come from :o/

Well, I must say spring is in your air! Of course the trees are blushing! There are daffodils in bloom under all that snow in Ohio! Soon you will see mourning doves pairing off and making love. Watch for those hummingbirds in a few weeks. Springtime in Maryland was so much more needed than it is here. We have touches of spring through winter.

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your very thoughtful comments. You write so well.

Love those crocuses!

Peg Silloway said...

Thanks, Mary. You have so many readers because your blog is GREAT! You write from the heart, you share your life and love of nature, and people connect with all of that. Your photos are exquisite - I know I will find something soothing to my eyes every time I visit.

Mary said...

Peg. Now, the way I share my life and times is Ok. I do share, but the darn writing - although I love to write - is such a DAMNED challenge! If I could write like you, I'd post twice a day, lady!

One of your posts would take me a week to compose. Even your comments would take more than a few minutes. I'm serious. Really!


Peg Silloway said...

This is sounding more and more like a mutual admiration society! Thanks for the kind words, even though I think you exaggerate. But oh, you are good for my ego.