Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Done Anything Memorable Lately?

That’s the headline on a sunset-orange brochure pinned to my overstuffed bulletin board. Roaring out of the sun is a yellow AT-6 Texan World War II-era airplane. The slick cover promises “High Adventure – Warm Memories – Great Experience.”

The thing is, they make good on their promises; I have the memories, photos, log book, and slightly embarrassing video to prove it. When the adventure was done I didn’t throw away the brochure. It’s still up there because it represents a delightful June morning spent rolling around the sky. And it keeps asking me, “Done anything memorable lately?”

I think a new blog qualifies. Welcome to my wanderings.


Margaret Rome said...

What an exciting blog! Can't wait to see more of... "Done anything memorable lately?"

Anonymous said...

I gave the toast at my parents' 40th wedding anniversary party ... with a little help from my Aunt Peg. Does that qualify?
- Alex